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The Definitive Blueprint For Finding and Purchasing Properties Using
  • Step-by-step instructions for searching and bidding on properties on 
  • How to place your bid and reduce your bid deposits when bidding on multiple properties
  • Learn which properties to avoid bidding on and why you can't bid on many properties
  • The difference between trustee auction sales and bank owned properties on
  • What to do when you "win" an auction on and how to buy the property
  • How to successfully flip properties that you find on and much, much more...
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The Hidden Secret Formula To Bidding on Bank Owned Properties...
I have personally purchased and sold over 1,000 houses and I want to share with you a secret strategy for getting amazing deals on bank owned properties for as little as 40 cents on the dollar. 

I have NEVER EVER shared this information before with anyone. I originally wrote this report for my coaching students to help show them how to bid on properties on Auction.Com. 

I am only making available 100 copies of this report and then I am shutting it down. You see, I can't let too many people know about this secret strategy for bidding on properties. If you are a new real estate investor, there is a very good chance that you have NEVER bid on a property that is listed on And if this is the case, then you are missing out on an opportunity to buy bank owned properties at huge discounts. 

Bidding on bank owned properties on can seem overwhelming. Understanding how the auction process works, which properties to bid on, which properties to avoid, how to bid on multiple properties, and bid deposits is not for beginners. And that is why many beginners stay away. Which is great news for investors like me (and you).

There is a gold mine of opportunity with bank owned properties on You could be buying these properties for pennies on the dollar at huge discounts to market value. But only if you know how to bid, and which properties to bid on. There are many tricks to bidding on There are tricks that I have learned over the past ten years bidding on bank owned properties that can help make the difference between you winning an auction or losing it. And that can translate into you missing out on $30,000 or more in profits that could be made by flipping these properties. 

I put this report together to make bidding on easier to understand. I have never ever shared this information with anyone other than my personal coaching students. I am limiting this report to the first 100 people that take advantage of it before I take it down. I anticipate that it won't take longer than a day or two for this to be sold out.  If you want to grab this before I take it down then click on the button below. 

The Definitive Blueprint For  Bidding on Bank Owned Properties on
One of the best kept insider secrets that  your competition doesn't know about - how you can find bank owned properties for pennies on the dollar